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BAVA Vehicle Sticker Issuance Guidelines

I.   MIVA SECNET POLICY (Jointly approved by BAVA, DVA, FPA and UVA)

•    Strict maximum of twelve (12) Inter-Village Stickers per property. The 12 stickers privilege shall be strictly limited only to residents/property owners and their immediate relatives. This means parents, children, and siblings.
•    Residents must honestly declare in the vehicle sticker application form if the vehicle is resident-owned or owned by a third party (non-resident being sponsored for issuance of a sticker). Resident’s declaration shall be considered true and factual. Any misrepresentation may be ground for the cancellation/revocation of the sticker issued.
•    Beyond the allocated 12 Inter-Village Sticker entitlement, village-specific stickers valid only for entry/exit at the issuing village (i.e., Bel-Air only sticker; no inter-village access) shall be issued to the property owners/resident.
•    Vehicles of third parties (non-residents/non-property owners sponsored by a resident/property owner/long-term lessee) shall be issued with a village-specific sticker (e.g., Bel-Air only sticker, no inter-village access). 
•    A third party issued with a Bel-Air only sticker can also apply separately for the stickers of the other 3 villages upon written endorsement from the sponsoring property owner/resident through the BAVA Management. For example, if a third party endorsed by a BAVA member is issued with a Bel-Air only sticker, that third party can also apply for a DVA, UVA or FPA sticker upon endorsement by BAVA. Same process is followed by the other 3 villages.
•    The privilege of access to the other villages using an Inter-Village Sticker is for passing through only and not for parking inside a village unless visiting a particular resident thereat.
•    Owners/Drivers of vehicles bearing an Inter-Village Sticker issued by any of the MIVA villages must follow all traffic rules and regulations of the issuing village, as well as of the other member villages. Motorists must at all times show respect and courteous attitude to the security officers/traffic enforcers implementing the traffic rules and regulations.
•    Fines imposed for any traffic violation must be settled promptly at the HOA administration office concerned. Serious traffic violations may result to the revocation of the inter-village access or cancellation of the sticker issued to the vehicle subject of the violation.
•    Removal of sticker and affixing it to another vehicle is strictly prohibited. Penalty for illegally transferring a sticker to another vehicle is P10,000.00.
•    All vehicles issued with Inter-Village Sticker shall be strictly for private use of the owner. However, if such conveyances are used as public utility/for hire vehicles or for any other commercial purpose, the issued stickers shall be automatically invalidated. In addition, a fine of P10,000.00 shall be imposed.

II.   MIVA SECNET POLICY (Jointly approved by BAVA, DVA, FPA and UVA)

1.    Fill up all the information required on Vehicle Sticker Request Form, it must be signed by the property owner/resident;
2.    Attached either of the following required supporting documents:
        a.    Copy of most recent Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate Registration (CR);
        b.    For newly-acquired vehicles without OR & CR yet, any valid proof of ownership by the property owner/resident must                    be attached to the application form as supporting documents, e.g. (1) Sales Invoice and Delivery Receipt from the                          dealer, or (2) Duly notarized Deed of Sale for acquired second-hand vehicles not registered yet to the name of the                          owner Such Deed of Sale will only be honored for one (1) year, and ownership must be transferred by the next                                    registration period;
        c.    If the vehicle is registered under a company, corporation, organization or an embassy, a certification issued by                                company’s Corporate Secretary or the authorized signatory of the Embassy, stating that the vehicle is assigned for                      use of the resident applicant. This privilege is limited to one car per company;
3.    Prior to payment, all sticker application must be screened and evaluated first by the BAVA Governor for Security or BAVA Village Manager for completeness of information and required supporting documents;
4.    Upon clearance by the authorized persons, payment of corresponding fees shall be made at the Cashier;
5.    The sticker shall be affixed on the vehicle’s windshield only by BAVA authorized personnel; while the matching RFID tag shall be placed on the vehicles front right headlight.


1.    School service vehicles (must be endorsed by a resident)
2.    Motorcycles of household staff (must be endorsed by the employer) – P500.00 only
3.    Rent-a-car (light/medium weight vehicles only) with a contract of at least one year


1.    Vehicle stickers will be issued only to members/residents who are updated in the payment of their association dues and other assessments. Members on delinquent status are not entitled to issuance of vehicle stickers. 
2.    Members/Residents who were previously cited for traffic violations and who have not paid yet the fines/penalties must first settle the unpaid fines before issuance of a new sticker to the particular vehicle subject of traffic citation is processed.
3.    The vehicle must be brought to the BAVA Office and a BAVA authorized personnel will affix the sticker onto the designated location on the vehicle’s windshield.
4.    In case of transfer or ownership to a non-resident member or non-resident, the BAVA Office must be notified of the sale. The BAVA sticker on the vehicle must be removed and surrendered for cancellation before the vehicle is turned over to the new owner. A replacement sticker can be availed at the minimum cost only upon surrender to the BAVA Office of the car sticker removed from the replaced/disposed vehicle.
5.    For sponsored sticker requests for frequent visitors of residents (relatives, friends, company executives and employees), an endorsement letter issued by the resident must be submitted together with duly filled-up sticker request form signed by the resident and proof of car ownership (OR & CR). 
6.    The sponsoring resident must inform BAVA if they want an endorsement be made to the other MIVA-member villages for issuance of their respective village specific car stickers. 

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